Is marketing a form of communication?

Michael Liebowitz

Is marketing a form of communication? Michael Liebowitz, CEO of Magnetic Mind Studio, tells us that people buy when their mind says, “you are like me”. The key for businesses is to communicate meaningfully to attract more of their ideal customers.

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  1. Source: The source is an individual or organization that has information to share. The source (or sender) creates and sends the information to another person or group of people. The source maybe an individual (e.g. a sales person or spokesperson) or a non-personal identity (e.g. a corporation or organization). The communication process begins with the source, marketers must carefully choose a source as it affects how the message will be perceived by the target audience. Encoding: This is transposing the intended meaning of the message with words, symbols or pictures to show a message. Encoding is the development of the message that contains the information the source hopes to convey. It is putting together the thoughts, ideas and information into a symbolic form that can be transmitted and understood by the receiver.

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